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Asthma Symptoms

Asthma cartoon - coughyThe actual term asthma is a Greek word that is derived from the verb aazein, meaning to exhale with open mouth, to pant. People with asthma experience a range of symptoms, levels of severity and triggers, however the relationship between mouth breathing and asthma is crucial to understanding the real cause of asthma.  

The classic symptoms of asthma are

  • Broncho-constriction
  • Inflammation of airways
  • Increased mucus production

Asthma cartoon - wheezy


These symptoms mean you might feel wheezy (your breath might 'whistle' in and out), short of breath, tight in the chest or you might have a cough.

You may experience one of these symptoms or a combination of them. Symptoms may occur suddenly as an 'asthma attack', or they may be with you most of the time. Often people with asthma, get hay fever or eczema as well, and have a family history of these conditions.


What are asthma triggers?



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