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  • AIMA dinner presentation - Patrick McHugh & Glenn White
    Fernz Restaurant, Birkenhead, Tuesday 28 June 2011. NOTE: Open to Australasian integrative medicine Association (AIMA) members and guests only. Patrick will present part of research TCTTRT has been involved in, especially Buteyko Breathing Technique & plans for Auckland-based clinical trial. Then Glenn will 'demystify' the Buteyko Breathing Technique. More
    Posted: Friday 24 June 2011
  • Buteyko: Helping thousands overcome asthma naturally
    Do you or your child have asthma? No doubt you are familiar with the standard treatments for asthma, the puffers (relievers to open up the airways and inhaled steroids to reduce airway inflammation) but new studies are showing that many are overusing these drugs and this may be contributing to the alarming rise in asthma. More
    Posted: Friday 6 May 2011
  • Australian Integrative Medicine Association Inc Seminar
    7-8 May at Massey University, Auckland. "Balancing Body, Mind and Heart - Pratical Solutions for Everyday Problems" All Health Professionals welcome to learn about the future of integrative medicine. Click link below for more details on the AIMA website. More
    Posted: Thursday 5 May 2011
  • To stave off panic attacks don't take a deep breath
    A new treatment for panic attack focuses on getting patients to breathe less and lends further validation to the role that over-breathing plays in panic attacks and stress disorders. More
    Posted: Sunday 26 December 2010
  • As easy as drawing breath
    I was gratified to read John Roughan’s article in the New Zealand Herald 9 October and learn that a tip he learned on the Buteyko course he did back in 2006 has helped relieve his sleep apnoea. Unfortunately most people are unaware that snoring and sleep apnoea may be the result of a faulty breathing pattern and that learning a breathing technique like Buteyko can help resolve the problem. More
    Posted: Sunday 7 November 2010
  • NYC Radio WBAI interview with Dr Robert Cowie
    Dr Robert Cowie, from the University of Calgary, Canada and a world authority on asthma, authored one of the largest randomised controlled trials of the Buteyko technique. The trial is published in Respiratory Medicine 2008; 102:726-32. More
    Posted: Thursday 21 October 2010
  • My job:  Helping others to breathe easy
    Article on Glenn White by Donna McIntyre in NZ Herald More
    Posted: Tuesday 21 September 2010
  • A Breathing Technique Offers Help for People With Asthma
    Jane E. Brody of the New York Times writes about witnessing the 'miraculous' transformation in her friend's asthma after learning the Buteyko method. To read the full article go to the New York Times website: More
    Posted: Monday 2 November 2009
  • Nurses to be trained to teach Buteyko Breathing Technique to asthmatics
    A new course to train nurses how to teach the Buteyko Breathing Technique to people with asthma has been launched by Coventry University and the Buteyko Breathing Association. More
    Posted: Monday 6 April 2009
  • FDA Panel Votes to Ban Asthma Drugs
    New York Times article: ROCKVILLE, Md. - A panel of federal drug experts voted on Thursday that the drugs Serevent and Foradil should be banned from use in the treatment of asthma, but the experts said that Advair and Symbicort, which together are far more popular, should continue to be used. More
    Posted: Thursday 11 December 2008
  • FDA Panel decides asthma drugs - Serevent and Oxis - aren’t worth the risk
    An FDA Panel said Thursday that the risks of death and serious injury associated with two popular brands of asthma inhalers are greater than the benefits of the drugs. However, in what is sure to be a controversial opinion, the panel said that Advair (Symbicort) should continue to be used to treat asthma. More
    Posted: Thursday 11 December 2008


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